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The Royal Package

DKK 500,00

Made in the occasion of the Danish Queen Margrethe’s 50th anniversary.

  • 2 x Daisy glacettes with a dark chocolate truffle with rum, crunchy hazelnut praline and marcipan, coated in milk chocolate and decorated with a marzipan daisy.
  • 1 x royal marzipan log with almond shivers, cognac and marcipan.
  • 1 x box of golden dragées with spices (allspice, cloves, cinnamon, vanilla)
  • 1 x La Glace cake stand with gold writing

Price: DKK 500

Normal price: DKK 839

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Expiration dates: Marcipan log: February 22th 2022, Dragé: July 2022, Glacettes: April 27th 2022.

Allergens: almonds, hazelnut, milk.


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