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Individual Dragées

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At Conditori La Glace’s 150th anniversary in 2020, we launched La Glace Dragées made based on our legendary layer cakes.

A Dragée is a made up of a core (almond, hazelnut or licorice) covered with a thin, hard layer of chocolate.

The idea we had was ” if we boiled our layer cakes down to a stock cube, how would it taste and what would it be made of?”, so you can still get similar tastes of Sports cake, Othello Cake, Blåbær Genskær, Forårskage and Karen Blixen when you are on the go or as a gift for family and friends outside Skoubogade.

The La Glace Dragées are made with inspiration from five of our legendary layered cakes. The Dragées consists of the following:

Sports cake: hazelnut with crushed nougat and white chocolate. Contains hazelnuts and milk.
Othello: almond with vanilla in white chocolate and dark chocolate. Contains almonds and milk.
Forårskage: almonds, dark chocolate and raspberry dust. Contains almonds.
Blåbær Genskær: salty licorice, dark chocolate, blueberry and blackcurrant dust.
Karen Blixen: hazelnut, coffee and dark chocolate. Contains hazelnuts.

For a limited time only, we have a special dragé, covered in gold:
Golden Dragé: Toasted almond with spices, dipped in milk chocolate and covered in gold. Contains almonds and milk.

Expiration: 6 months from shipping.

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Dragéer i rør

Blåbær genskær dragé i rør, Forårskage-dragé i rør, Guld-dragé i rør, Karen Blixen dragé i rør, Othello-dragé i rør, Sportskage-dragé i rør


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