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Christmas atmosphere in a box

kr. 220,00

Traditional, Danish baked good from 1870 packed with spices like Seville orange zest, anise, coriander, cinnamon, allspice, cloves, cardamom and nutmeg. On top of all that, it is vegan!

In Danish it is called ‘Peberkager’ which directly translates to “Pepper cakes” or “Pepper cookies”. Despite this name, there is no pepper in the actual cookie.

The recipe comes from “Den Gamle By” in the Danish city Århus.

La Glace tea from AC. Perchs Tea: our own blend of black tea mildly spiced with orange, vanilla, roses and cinnamon.

Anniversary tin with 4 pieces of gingerbread and 100 grams of La Glace tea DKK 220

23 in stock



Expiration date: 6 weeks from shipping (but if you first take a bite, they won’t last that long!)

Please note: This item can only be ordered online until the 18th of December at 12:00. After this date, it is only available for purchase in the store in Skoubougade, Copenhagen.

Allergens: gluten.


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