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Seasonal Glacettes

kr. 59,00

A Glacette is a large piece of filled chocolate. We have an assortment all year, but for winter and Christmas, we also make a:

  • Winter glacette with crunchy hazelnut praline and a dark chocolate truffle. It is coated in white chocolate and decorated with a chocolate snowflake. Contains hazelnuts and milk. 
  • Christmas glacette with a mulled wine jelly on a marzipan base with orange and toasted almond flakes. It is coated in dark chocolate and decorated with a marzipan holly. Contains almonds and milk.

Price per piece: DKK 59

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Expiration date: 8 weeks from shipping date.

Please note: This item can only be ordered online until the 17th of December at 12:00. After this date, it is only available for purchase in the store in Skoubougade, Copenhagen.

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