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Visit La Glace

A visit to Conditori La Glace is an adventure in an exceptional atmosphere. You are greeted by

a display filled with an assortment of cakes, including the day’s selection of layer cakes, and
everything from butter cookies to the Princess Thyra cake and La Glace’s legendary ice cream!
Customer seating is split into four areas and maintains a unique authenticity, with much of the
original furniture from the 1890s and an interior from 1924, creating a genuinely historic
ambiance. Come and enjoy life inside the Conditori and revel in its true stars – our famous
layer cakes, artisanal cakes, cookies, ice cream, and chocolates – most of which are still made
following the original recipes from generations of passionate La Glace confectioners for
generations of dedicated La Glace followers.

Visit The Mezzanine where one can purchase an array of produce for you to take home. See
the confectioners work in the open workplace or hold a small get-together in the Guest Salon.

The Conditori is smoke-free. Smoking is only permitted in the outdoor seating areas.