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Production department

Head Baker/Confectioner Lars Juul leads production at La Glace. A staff of seven qualified
confectioners and seven apprentices support him. At La Glace we make everything ourselves,
from scratch.

The large production department stands at the rear of the building and is accessible from
Skindergade 43 but is built together with the rest of the business at Skoubogade 3-5. The
building was designed to accommodate the production area of La Glace, which is now divided
over four floors, however electricity wasn’t installed until 1923.

At the bottom sits the ice cellar. Here we produce, decorate and freeze our ice cream.
On the next floor are our ovens where all of our baking takes place.

Continuing up one floor, one finds the area for fine confections. Here we create our cake
creams, prepare fresh whipped cream and assemble and decorate our cakes.

At the very top is our chocolate and decoration department. Here we make seasonal
confections such as Christmas marzipan pigs, Easter eggs, wedding hearts and roses.

Once a year, during Copenhagen’s Culture Night, it is possible to visit La Glace’s production
floors. Sign up to our newsletter to learn more about this event.