SORRY – We are CLOSED – all day Tuesday 18 June 2019

All of the cake-staff is taken on an inspiration tour. Once a year, we travel into the great world to learn and seek inspiration. Last year we were 3 days in Prague, the year before we were 3 days on Bornholm, before then 2 days in Lübeck. In addition, we have visited Northern Denmark, Berlin, Southern Denmark, Hungary, Paris, London, Southern Sweden and Paris. This year the trip goes to Copenhagen. Well, we go around and we enjoy it. For La Glace, which is 148 years old and a little more, it is important to look beyond our own duckling once in a while and see that there is a world outside Skoubogade. We get inspired and we enjoy ourselves. If you want to know what we are doing on such an inspirational tour then follow us on Instagram @laglacedk

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause to you and your cake plans. After today, our next closing day is December 25th, so you can safely count on us in the future.


Conditori La Glace is the oldest and probably best confectionary in Denmark. Founded in the middle of old Copenhagen on the 8th of October 1870, it has through six generations delivered joy and quality to Copenhagen and its visitors. It is an experience to visit the beautiful old rooms located in Skoubogade 3.

La Glace has a lot to offer, including good taste, traditions, history, as well as quick and qualified service. You can choose to enjoy the confections on location or bring the cakes home with you for coffee. Alternatively, we can deliver to your door.

We hope that after seeing what we have to offer you will feel like visiting our confectionary, tasting our products, and making use of our many services. We are looking forward to welcoming you to La Glace.