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La Glace’s history

Conditori La Glace is Copenhagen’s oldest confectionary with a fascinating history and many
traditions behind them. The majority of the recipes and much of the furniture stems back to La
Glace’s opening in 1870.

Owner and Pastry Woman, Marianne Stagetorn Kolos, has successfully held more than 625
lectures providing a real insight into La Glace’s history for, amongst others, evening schools, art
associations and company outings.

The lecture deals with La Glace’s history and traditions, the ice cream and its preparation, the
buildings, the premises, the people behind the business and, naturally, the cakes and art.

Throughout the course of the evening, we serve coffee or hot chocolate to your choosing, a piece
of layer cake and a piece of pastry together with a diverse assortment of other cakes.
The event lasts approximately 2 hours and costs 325 kr. per person, all inclusive.

Purchase places to the lecture about La Glace here.

Contact us for a special event if there is between 40 and 65 participants.

In order to secure a special event for you and your guests a deposit of 1000 kr. is required. This
amount is then deducted from the balance upon payment of the final fee. Should for any reason
you choose to cancel the arrangement, La Glace will accrue the prepaid deposit.