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Head Baker/Confectioner Lars Juul

Apprenticed as both a baker and confectioner, Lars Juul came to La Glace in 1996. Since 2003, he has been La Glace’s Head Baker/Confectioner. Lars Juul is a true professional and an inspired chef who has infused La Glace with his own character. He has the wonderful ability to see the big picture while adhering to his sense for detail.

Lars Juul’s signature at La Glace has been the introduction of French macaroons. Macaroons are known on every street corner in France, but until Lars Juul began making these small delicacies, they were relatively unknown in Denmark. Today, they have become one of the Conditori’s most celebrated specialties.

If you would like to meet this wonderful confectioner, you can always enroll in his Sportskage class or a chocolate class – two of the wonderful innovations Lars Juul has brought to La Glace. And, you have time as he has no plans of leaving La Glace until he retires!