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La Glace Pots

kr. 425,00kr. 725,00

When sitting in the confectionary, each person is presented with their own pot for the hot beverages. We want to bring the “hygge” into our costumers homes.

Choose between our chocolate-, coffee- or tea pot. They are all cast in stainless steel but they are so shiny that they look like they are made of silver. La Glace is engraved on the side. All pots come in two sizes – Large and small and can be washed in the dishwasher.

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Coffee pot is narrow with a lid (in the back of the picture)

  • Coffee pot small: DKK 525
  • Coffee pot large: DKK 725

Tea pot is wide and with a lid (to the right and left in the picture)

  • Tea pot small: DKK 525
  • Tea pot large: DKK 725

Chocolate pot is without a lid (not shown in the picture)

  • Hot chocolate pot small: DKK 425
  • Hot chocolate pot large: DKK 525


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