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Small Confections

Small confections from La Glace; or should we call them the confectioner’s freestyle cake?

Not just a new cake but more a new concept.

Every day our talented confectioners work to produce a multitude of cakes following specific
recipes and techniques. This requires precision and care but leaves little room for individual
creativity. A Sportskage tastes as it should and this must not change.


Small confections open up a whole playground to our confectioners, giving them the
opportunity to flaunt their creativity. Enjoying our small confections is special as one can never
be entirely sure what they will get but it will always be excellent.

Try them:
1 piece kr. 29
5 pieces kr. 130

Special flavours may be ordered for an occasion with a minimum order of 50 pieces. Limited Edition must be ordered at least one week in advance.
Limited Edition are Dkk. 130/5 pieces.

La Glace cake stand (not including cake) kr. 449