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It is a Danish tradition to make Kransekage, a kind of baked marzipan. We make five different variations:

  • Classic – as we know it best
  • Classic with soft nougat and dark chocolate
  • Pecan – gold winner. Almond cake with pecans, pecan praline and salted caramel. Decorated with cream chocolate.
  • Tipsy Almond – Silver Winner. Almond cake with amaretto syrup and almond praline. Dipped in dark chocolate. Decorated with gold ornament
  • Kaffehaps – bronze winner. Almond cake with coffee. Rolled in roasted hazelnuts. Dipped in dark chocolate and decorated with a mocha bean.
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In the autumn of 2022, we held an internal competition where 20 of our talented apprentices and pastry chefs participated with their bid for “Skoubogade’s best kransekage cake 2022”. The box was on sale for 2 months and the judges in the competition were all the customers who bought the box and handed in the ballot afterwards. That’s how we came up with the composition of this box; 2 completely classic and 3 winning pieces.


Individually: 59 DKK
One of each in a clear box: 275 DKK

Expiration date: 3 weeks from shipping.

Allergens: almond, egg, pekan, haszelnuts


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