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Teatime Sponge cakes

kr. 95,00kr. 115,00

If you need a gift for the hostess or your neighbour, something to greet your coworkers or maybe just something sweet just for you, that will keep for a while, we advice you to try one of our teacakes. It comes in different variations and can be bought in a beautiful green La Glace tin.

Price with round tin: DKK 115
Price without tin: DKK 95

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We make four different teacakes:

  • Sacher dream: A potent and complex yet harmonious chocolate sponge with marzipan, rum and apricot.
  • Spice cake: A true classic with a plentiful variety of spices – cinnamon, ginger, cardamom, cloves and all spice. It’s even better when buttered!
  • Plum cake: A solid cake with candied berries, walnuts, raisins and candied mixed peel.
  • Weekend cake: A mild almond sponge with a crunchy and sweet blanket of honey roasted hazelnuts.

Expiration date: 12-14 days from shipping

Sacher dream: almonds, gluten, egg.
Spice cake: gluten, egg.
Plumkage: walnuts, gluten, egg.
Weekend cake: almonds, hazelnuts, gluten, egg.