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Signature cakes

The possibilities for special occasion cakes are infinite. No commission is too big or too small for La Glace’s brilliant team of confectioners.

A signature cake begins with choosing ones of our layer cakes, of which, we recommend cakes such as Efterårskagen, Othellokagen, Forårskagen, Georginekage or Karen Blixen. We also offer a speciality cake specifically suited for our signature cakes and this features a Grand Marnier and orange truffle on a marzipan base.

Prices range from DKK 105/person to DKK 145/person.

Seek inspiration for your Signature Cake on Instagram

REMEMBER to book good time in advance, as we stop taking orders when our order books are full.

NOTE we take an honour in craftmanship and do not offer sugar print, which has nothing to do with pastry crafts – neither in terms of taste nor appearance. All logos, fonts, colors, patterns are made by hand. A slight deviation may occur, but all confectioners have done their best to match – and the best is pretty good in our world.