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Horn of plenty

Cornucopias from La Glace are lavishly decorated with bows and are filled to the rim with baked marzipan confections, pure chocolates, filled chocolates and french macaroons.
You just have to decide the color of the bows and what to write on the marcipan sign.

Cornucopias can be made in various sizes:

20 people: DKK 1.700
13 cornucopiarings
Filled with 100 gr. baked marcipan confections, 350 gr. filled chocolates, 100 gr. dragéer,
100 gr. pure chocolates and 8 french macaroons.

40 people: DKK 3.400 
19 cornucopiarings
Filled with 200 gr. baked marcipan confections, 700 gr. filled chocolates, 200 gr. dragéer,
200 gr. pure chocolates and 18 french macaroons.

60 people: DKK 5.100 
24 cornucopiarings
Filled with 300 gr. baked marcipan confections, 1.050 gr. filled chocolates, 300 gr. dragéer,
300 gr. pure chocolates and 28 french macaroons.

80 people: DKK 6.800 
28 cornucopiarings
Filled with 400 gr. baked marcipan confections, 1.400 gr. filled chocolates, 400 gr. dragéer,
400 gr. pure chocolates and 38 french macaroons.

(Calculated on a minimum of 55 grams of confections/chocolate per person)

We strongly recommend that you choose to have the horn placed on one of our silver-plates, which has a deposit of DKK 1.000, that you get back when the plate is returned. It is more stabil and looks nicer when serving. Alternatively we can place the horn on a piece of gold cardboard, which can be trowed out after use. Horns made on gold cardboard must be picked up in the shop in Skoubogade and cannot be delivered by La Glace.