The glacette is a piece of filled chocolate, which comes in three different variations; 3 Heritage Glacettes, representing each of La Glace’s proprietors:

The Henningsen Glacette with almond liqueur, almond flake, marzipan and dark chocolate.

The Stagetorn Glacette with raspberry, marzipan and dark chocolate.

The Kolos Glacette with caramelised walnuts, mocha in marzipan and milk chocolate.

Per piece DKK 59


Our chocolatebars are made in a various selection, including:

  • Milkchocolate
  • Dark chocolate
  • White chocolate
  • Milkchocolate with roasted almonds
  • Dark chocolate with hazelnuts, cranberries and abricot
  • White chocolate with nougat crunch

Per piece DKK 37

3 pieces DKK 99

Chocolate truffles

La Glace’s chocolate truffles are made in a various selction, including raspberry, coffee, marzipan, banana, caramel and orange.

9 pieces in a box DKK 95

28 pieces in a green tin DKK 255



Chocolate pastilles

La Glace’s chocolate pastilles consists of either dark chocolate, white chocolate or milk chocolate. The pastilles are decorated with walnuts, almonds or nothing.

275 gr. in a green tin DKK 225