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French macarons

La Glace was first in Denmark to introduce the famous and exquisite French macaron. We
follow an authentic French recipe, the result of which is two delicately crisp almond meringues
married with a fresh, velvety cream.

Our macaroon varieties include:

  • Green – Pistachio
  • Mocha – Coffee
  • Light Red – Raspberry
  • Deep Red – Wild berries
  • Yellow – Lemon
  • Light Brown – Vanilla
  • Dark Brown – Chocolate
  • Orange – Passion fruit and chocolate
  • Lilac – Blueberry

These delicacies are perfect to serve at an afternoon tea or to give as a hostess gift.

Price pr pcs Dkk. 23

A variety of nine French macaroons: Dkk. 185

Limited Edition
Special flavours or colours may be ordered for an occasion. Limited Edition macaroons must
be ordered at least one week in advance.
Limited Edition macaroons are Dkk. 23/piece with a minimum order of 50 pieces