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Den Franske Isanretning (French ice cream cake)

The most traditional ice cream specialty in La Glace has been The Classical French ice cream cake since 1870. It is a very beautiful ice cream made with different ice cream figures of fruit and more. We make it in different versions. The classical version consists of:
*A nougat, mocha and sorbet ice cream base and figures made from sorbet ice cream. It is decorated with green marzipan leaves, red berries, white meringue and french macarons.

Kid friendly, three coloured ice cream cake
*Consists of vanilla, chocolate and strawberry ice cream. Decorated with French macarons and pieces of dark chocolate.

The lactose free ice cream cake consists of
*Sorbet ice cream. Decorated with green marzipan leaves, red berries, white meringue and French macarons.

The vegan version consists of:
* Sorbet ice cream. Decorated with marzipan leaves and red berries.

6 persons DKK 510,-
8 persons DKK 680,-
10 persons DKK 850,-
12 persons DKK 1.020,-

Please note that vi pack the ice cream desserts with dry ice. That way it can stay frozen for approximately 8 hours outside the freezer. Occasions can occur where we run out of dry ice. In situations like these, we will call you before pick up/delivery.