Christmas ice cream cake

Our french christmas ice cream cake has been the traditional dessert for many families and generations christmas eve.

It consists of a classical french ice cream base with nougat, mocha and sorbet ice cream. It is decorated with a selection of cherry, strawberry, raspberry, blood orange, lemon and black currant sorbet figures. Decorated with a snowman, green marzipan holly leaves, red berries and a sign that says “Glædelig jul” or “Merry Christmas” (please let us know whether you want the writing in Danish or English).

The danish tradition is to find an almond in the dessert on christmas eve and give a present to the lucky someone who finds it. Therefore, there is always one whole almond in our christmas ice cream cake. If you don’t have a present ready for the one who finds the almond, you can always use the little snowman on top of the ice cream cake as a gift.

6 persons DKK 685,-
8 persons DKK 855,-
10 persons DKK 1.025,-
12 persons DKK 1.195,-

Note, that you can also get our french ice cream cake in a number of other varieties.