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Christmas ice cream cake

Our french christmas ice cream cake has been the traditional dessert for many families and generations christmas eve.

The ice shapes on top consist of strawberry, blackcurrant, lemon/lime, raspberry and cherry sorbets. The base is made of nougat, mocha and sorbet ice cream. All the glory is decorated with small chocolate signs, snowman in marzipan and French macaroons.

There is always an ALMOND in the Christmas ice cream. If you don’t have a traditional almond gift, like a wonderful marzipan pig from La Glace, you can always use the little snowman on the ice cream as an almond gift.

6 persons DKK 685,-
8 persons DKK 855,-
10 persons DKK 1.025,-
12 persons DKK 1.195,-

Note, that you can also get our french ice cream cake in a number of other varieties.