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Figur isanretninger (figure ice cream)

In the end of the 18th century, the dessert was one of the most important elements in connection to the meal. It was important to make impressive sculptural ice cream desserts that would get noticed. Confectionary La Glace invested in many different ice cream molds for this purpose. Thanks to the many confectioners who’s been employed at La Glace through many generations, who all had their head and heart on the right place, these molds are well preserved and still highly functional. Therefore, we still use them to this day.

We have the following figure ice cream desserts:

  • Horse, for approx. 20 people: DKK 1900
  • Stork, for approx. 20 people: DKK 2900
  • Pumpkin, for approx. 25 people: DKK 1900
  • Polar bear and seal, for approx. 25 people: DKK 2375
  • Snowman, hat and broom, for approx. 25 people: DKK 1900
  • Big pig and five smaller pigs, for approx. 20 people: DKK 1900
  • “Krinolinepige” – a female ballet dancer in a tu tu skirt, for approx. 25 people: DKK 2375

Please note that vi pack the figure ice cream cakes with dry ice. That way it can stay frozen for approximately 8 hours outside the freezer. Occasions can occur where we run out of dry ice. In situations like these, we will call you before pick up/delivery.

We suggest that you place the ice cream figure on the table as soon as you take it out of the box or freezer. This way, your guests can admire the ice cream right away while you can keep an eye on the thawing time. The ice cream figures thaw in different paces, so we suggest you enjoy the ice cream over a longer time interval.