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The Potato Cake consists of vanilla cream and a biscuit bottom. The cake is encased in
marzipan and rolled in cocoa.

Price per piece kr. 49

Review by Y. Zacares, 2013

A bite of a Potato Cake is not a bite of heaven but a bite of childhood and one of my favourite

A Potato cake should only be eaten with a spoon or a dessert fork – a criterion your cake lives
up to.

The marzipan is of an easy and soft consistency. it is not too dry and boring but neither is it
too wet and sweaty! The vanilla cream is soft and airy – some bakers think they can get away
with simply filling it with whipped cream; but not here! The airy cream tastes just right, as one
imagines vanilla cream should taste – light, airy and with a clear taste of vanilla.