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Sarah Bernhardt

Sarah Bernhardt

Named after the French actress Sarah Bernhardt from Teatre Comedie Francaise in Paris. She
first visited Copenhagen in 1880 creating a wave of excitement amongst the Danes.

The Sarah Bernhardt Cake consists of chocolate truffle on a macaroon bottom, covered with

Price per piece kr. 49

Review by K. Andersen, 2009

The Sarah Bernhardt Cake is the culinary embodiment of the beautiful french actress…
Sarah Bernhardt was nicknamed the Divine Sarah and nothing less than the very same
description should be used for the artistically inspired pastry that is the Sarah
Bernhardt Cake.

With its chocolate truffle and macaroon taste, enjoying the Sarah Bernhardt Cake within the
atmospheric Conditori La Glace is considered an equally breathtaking, not to mention
addictive, experience as acting was for Sarah Bernhardt herself; something that she loved and
lived for.