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150 års Kage
150 års Kage
150 års Kage

150 års Kage

The cake consists of a light base with lemon, poppy seeds and vanilla, blackcurrant jelly, roasted almonds and a lemon mousse with white vegan chocolate.

Price per piece DKK.72
12 servings DKK. 864

– This cake is vegan and gluten-reduced. 


  • Text up to 20 characters as a marzipan sign kr. 150
  • Marzipan border kr. 180
  • Marzipan heart in the colour of your choice with text up to 20 characters kr. 180
  • Logo in 1 colour (as a starting point; the final product can vary according to individual
    requirements) kr. 200


Because the cake is vegan, the ingredients and thus the texture are also different compared to traditional cream cakes. The 150 year old cake is only available in one version and it is for 12 people. Can not be ordered in special sizes.