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Pineapple Pride
Pineapple Pride
Pineapple Pride

Pineapple Pride

On the occasion of WorldPride and Eurogames, chief confectioner Lars Juul in collaboration with Copenhagen 2021 has developed acake for La Glace, which bears the proud name Pineapple Pride.

The cake consists of mascarpone with vanilla mousse and has a core of pineapple. The bottom is made of almond meringue with roasted almonds and is decorated with white chocolate with the event’s festive logo dots.

Pr. piece kr. 72
12 servings: kr. 864


  • Text up to 20 characters as a marzipan sign kr. 150
  • Marzipan border kr. 180
  • Marzipan heart in the colour of your choice with text up to 20 characters kr. 180
  • Logo in 1 colour (as a starting point; the final product can vary according to individual
    requirements) kr. 200