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H.C. Andersen
H.C. Andersen
H.C. Andersen

H.C. Andersen

The Hans Christian Andersen cake was made in 2005 to celebrate 200 years since the birth of
the great author. The recipe features in the book “Fairytale cakes from La Glace” from 2005.

H. C. Andersens cake consists of a classic lemon mousse, raspberry butter with anise and nut
sponge. Decorated with white chocolate as a symbol of the author’s paperclip.

Price per piece: Dkk. 72
12 servings: Dkk. 864


  • Text up to 20 characters as a marzipan sign kr. 150 *
  • Marzipan border kr. 180
  • Marzipan heart in the colour of your choice with text up to 20 characters kr. 180
  • Logo in 1 colour (as a starting point; the final product can vary according to individual
    requirements) kr. 200

* Note that if there is a sign on the cake, the decorations will be smaller hearts in white chocolate