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The Rubinstein Cake is named after the composer and pianist Anton Rubinstein (1829 – 1894).

The Rubinstein Cake consists of rum mousse, a macaroon bottom and red currant jelly.
Decorated with choux pastry dipped in chocolate and whipped cream.

Price per piece: Dkk. 72
10 servings: Dkk. 720
12 servings: Dkk. 864
14 servings: Dkk. 1.008


  • Text up to 20 characters as a marzipan sign kr. 150
  • Marzipan heart in the colour of your choice with text up to 20 characters kr. 180
  • Logo in 1 colour (as a starting point; the final product can vary according to individual
    requirements) kr. 200